Practice Makes Perfect: Must be a Monday

On the tennis tour, Monday usually signifies the official start of the tournament. The qualifying draw happens over the weekend beforehand and some tournaments such start on Sundays for scheduling purposes. Other than that, Monday signifies a new start for players on the tour. It is a chance to forget about their struggles of the last week, and focus on creating triumphs this week.

For players, Monday means the start of another week at the office. In their case, it is a tennis court. Some start match play, but most hit the practice courts. In order to be a professional athlete, you must put in the effort. Many of us wish we could be successful enough to play in the pros, but it is not for everyone.

Even at tournaments, players must practice to stay in shape. Of course, exercise and training are also important. It has been said by experts, such as Malcolm Gladwell, that you need at least 10,000 hours of practice in order to have mastered something. You also need to continue to practice so that you do not get bent out of shape.

Today is a new week in tennis. It must be a Monday.

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