Twist and Turn Tennis in Singapore and Zhuhai

The final tournaments of the year are the year-end championships. The WTA has two of them. The main event, for the top eight players, is in Singapore. The one is Zhuhai is for those ranked nine through nineteen. The winner of the WTA Finals in Singapore was Agnieszka Radwanska, who won the title despite losing her first two matches, which has been a subject of minor controversy. Venus, on the other hand, won all four of her matches. Since they both feature round robins, it is possible to lose a match, or two in Singapore, and still win the tournament, which was the case with Radwanska.

Singapore results:

Sunday with Halep defeating Pennetta, and Sharapova defeating Radwanska.

Monday with Muguruza defeating Safarova, and Kerber defeating Kvitova.

Tuesday with Pennetta defeating Radwanska, and Sharapova defeating Halep.

Wednesday with Kvitova defeating Safarova, and Muguruza defeating Kerber.

Thursday with Radwanska defeating Halep, and Sharapova defeating Pennetta.

Friday with Muguruza defeating Kvitova, and Safarova defeating Kerber.

Saturday Semifinals with Radwanska defeating Muguruza, and Kvitova defeating Sharapova.

Sunday Finals with Radwanska defeating Kvitova.

If you go by the day-by day analysis of Singapore, everyone loses at least one match and three people (Radwanska, Sharapova, Muguruza) won three matches. This was the first WTA Finals in history that was won by someone who lost her first two matches.

This was a major victory for Radwanska. The biggest title of her career. Some would say that it went undeservingly due to losing her first two matches. However, it is about how you end that matters.

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